3d Printable Rose File | 4 hour print


Beautiful 3d printable rose model file.  This purchase is a digital purchase and will be delivered as a zip file download.  Extract the zip file to access the OBJ file.

Flat base 3d printable rose model.  Prints in a little over 4 hours on the Monoprice Mini Select V. 2

CURA Slicer Settings:

  • 12% infill
  • .0.13mm layer height
  • 0.8mm wall thickness
  • Printed with no supports


CURA print time estimate: 3h 44 min.

Prints well in PLA, may need sanding on the petals for a smoother finish.




This extends a personal use license.  Commercial use is permitted for 3d print sales up to 100 and 2D renders such as photographs.  For any other commercial project please purchase this model to get the instant download and a commercial use license ($200 – $7) for the model)   Commercial Use License Fee






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