Have you tried 3d printing a rose? Try this beautiful rose print that can be used as a tea light cover, magnetic sewing needle holder, or even just a desk ornament. This printed in 4 hours with no supports on the Monoprice Mini Version 2 Select Printer with Hatchback PLA in white. The CURA 3d slicer was used to prepare the G-Code for the print.
CURA settings were 12% infill .0.13mm layer height 0.8mm wall thickness Printed with no supports CURA print time estimate: 3h 44 min. Prints well in PLA, may need sanding on the petals for a smoother finish.
Download our 3d Rose Model Here You will be emailed the .obj file in a zip archive within 2 business days. Thank you for your support! Happy Printing!

Why I Do 3d Modeling

I started 3d modeling when a friend of a friend recommended a new 3d program called Blender back in 2009. I didn't realize it then, but googling Blender 3d would change my life in so many great ways. My goal was to learn how to make flowers in Blender. My first rose was pathetic! It looked like someone modeled a bunch of twisted metal pieces together. Though modest, this creation was a true first step towards getting closer to what I was going for.

Exploring 3d further, I discovered that you could 3d print your models with vendors like Shapeways.com. This realization spurred on my creativity and I soon begain testing variations of the same work. Within a year, I had perfected one rose model that I used as a Christmas tree light ornament. Over the years, I have 3d modeled professionally for various clients. I enjoy the challenge of putting a design into the world through concept art and persistence. 3d modeling gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment to create something beautiful that may potentially be pritned and shared with others.